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Presentation device Kapanadze for Turkish investors March 7, 2005.

In the box there is a battery?

Device is not heavy. Veneer, on which it is installed, probably heavier.

Lamps are lit.

There is a spark.

Interfacial voltage

The voltage of one phase.

Three-phase frequency.

The output frequency of 50 Hz.

Measuring current transformers.
Or maybe something else.

Rear view - the connection of measuring devices.

Zurab Mindeli - at one time worked as Minister of Energy of Georgia.
Erudite. Basically - a specialist in thermal engineering.
Personally acquainted with Potapov - inventor of over-unity heat source.

Deputy Minister Vakhtang Topuria himself conducted measurements, but found nothing. The secret is in the box.

Willy-nilly, but it is, in his words - stray current from the tap.
And he began to threaten us.
Mr. Zurab! Say you are the president cheated. President and prime minister.

Let's start from the beginning. All off, and I'll shoot for the story.
And you, in the process, make the explanation.

The element of "the Crone" - to start the installation.
We should just say , that run the installation with the help of the crone
and she starts to take the free energy and then give it to load.
Crohn disconnect and setting is continuously working on his own produced energy.

Now everything is turned off. Turn it on and see what happens.
Well, you probably do not need to explain - the primary coil, the secondary coil ...
Earlier, we had other system.

Now, connect the crone.

Enable. No load.

We look at the measuring instruments. Voltage there is.

Frequency of 50 Hz.

480 Hz. in three phases.
230 volt in one phase.
410 volts between phases.
Now connect of the load.

Load - lamps 3 kW.

Now we include three-phase motor.

The unit can function indefinitely, until something wear out.
And nothing more.

lift the device

What thinks the former Minister of Energy?

The current in one phase of the motor 20 A.

In the other phase - 20.1 A.

What is your impression of our guests?
Guests: We will provide you with the necessary support, the rest for you.

All true.
Investor: February 9 in Turkish internet, and in technical journals published articles on your device.

12-13 kW is. Per family is enough.

Is it possible to use these devices in families living in the mountains?
Tariel Kapanadze: Not only possible, but necessary!

For example, I will give the same person, and he will set us one day and all your problems will be eliminated. What would you do?
(Chairs in the morning and in the evening the money. Replica site editor.)
Tariel Kapanadze: You know what, Mr. Zurab, on principle I will not do anything for him.

Mr. Vova, you know what I suggested, when they took me by the throat?
Changed the device, and said to them: go into the forest, into the thicket.
Where near nothing. And are included for verification.
And he answered: bring it to me.

And if you carry to it, what will?

No, Mr. Zurab, and you know why?
In the end, in addition to ridicule with his hand I saw nothing.
And the support was not there. Conscience, it is necessary to have.
I have no problems to come to him. But after 2-3 months we'll see what will be with me, and that will be with them.
Now we have more than they offer.
2 billion and 600 million, is this the same thing?
We will see what I have in 2-3 months.

We have to resolve this issue for the benefit of the country.
Therefore, this person says, come to me, and start business.

If I have money, Mustafa will not mind, that and Georgia has benefited.
Georgia in any case to get it.

No problem, Tariel, to refer to him in the yard and do there.
He will support you.

You know what happens? He has in mind only one thing:
I have money, and I will turn you as I want to, as a beggar.
In the end, everyone has the ambition!

I have no problem. I love my country no less than others.
I shed blood for it.
( I guess he means 92-93 years, during the war with separatists
on their side fought the then Russian government
- Site Editor's Note.)
900 times a day looked death in the eye.
Zurab Mindeli:Wait, here foreigners ...

Foreigners did not know about this? They understood the importance of this device instantly.

Zurab Mindeli leaves the room.

When you say something, the word is not a Sparrow, will fly out - not catch.

Against this device anything not opposed to.
Tomorrow, the next day the whole world will know about it.
Government official: Well, then I'll call you need to solve the issue of patenting.
I'm calling to the ministry, to the Academy of Sciences, a military academy in the Security Council. We know all about it.

Kapanadze: Well, talk to them.
Government official: Everyone is working on it.

Turkish investors.

Turkish investors.

Lamps are lit (3 kW.) Now we include three-phase motor.

Interfacial voltage - 410 volts.
Phase-zero 220 volts.
Frequency of 400 Hz. in three phases, and 50 Hz. - on one.

Turks discuss the device.
Kapanadze: it is a system of Tesla.
The whole world knows about Tesla resonant transformer.

Inside the insulator. There is no voltage.

What's this?

This button to turn on the resonator.
If it is off, then all turn off and can not be turned without a crone.

We redesigned the previous device, and lost 15-20 kW.
200 kW. device tested here before the State Commission.
Positive conclusion. Let no one think that this is a hoax.

We are interested in the basic principles of operation, in general terms.

The world famous Tesla system, and what he did.
Necessary primary and secondary coils. Primary pulse is applied to the primary coil.
And here arises the electromagnetic pulse is transmitted to the secondary coil.
Resonance occurs, and the secondary coil begins to receive energy from the space.

Why we are in a hurry?
There is one man, a Russian - Melnichenko. A lot of information about him that made ​​it, and done now.
But no one said more precisely than Melnichenko.

This large 3-phase motor runs from a power source small capacity.
This man says: keep the resonance and will take the energy as you wish.

This is a superficial explanation of the installation, and what it stands for - is another matter.
Russian Academy of Sciences gave this man the task to create a perpetual motion machine.
And they say that this man will not let go, let it work on the secret plant.
Where he is now - no one knows.


The only thing I was afraid, but take priority, then everything will be in order.
Now you need to think about how to organize production.
In Turkey, brought the device, in Turkey have been the priority, and here it is necessary to begin production.

Tariel speaks to the interpreter: Tell him that no area where you can not use this device.
Most importantly - this device can be used in inaccessible places, such as in the mountains.
You can always get free electricity.
Requires a laboratory to continue to build new devices.


Thank you! You can estimate the weight of the device, it is very light.
Investor: Was interested in this device from China,
U.S. and other countries, or only from Turkey?
Kapanadze: I could not find them. And then, of interest, of course, there is.
I was blocked, so there was no such possibility.
So, well, if it will only power plant, but it is not only - power plant.
Yesterday there was a conversation between us that do not need a gun or a man with a gun.
Maybe it is a beam weapon Tesla?
This is a topic that I not decide. It's must decide to the Pasha..
And in 2-3 months a look at the results, if there will be a laboratory..

Check phase. There is no phase - all de-energised.

Queen Nefertiti.

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