Tariel Kapanadze       

  A spark will kindle a flame!

Still more than hundred years back great Nikola Tesla have invented principles of reception inexhaustible energy from space surrounding us, that is from, an ether which existence the modern physics denies.Inexhaustible energy is there and talented scientists and inventors have proven this.
One of them is Tariel Kapanadze, who showed a method of obtaining inexhaustible energy.
Honor and praise to him and other scientists, for disinterested aid to our humanity! Accursed be the capitalists, in the face of Morgan and Rothschild, which hinder the development of our civilization!

Hot news!

There appeared a video presentation 5 kwt generator Kapanadze with a translation in English with subtitles. Translation and subtitles mine.
Time of 1 hour. You can download it from here. filefactory.com


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